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Locals partnering with Tel Aviv University to address local issues, through research, innovation, and action. 


What we do


Real Community  


Through our relationships, community outreach, and Talks & Events we create a network of engaged leaders locally that are passionate about making an impact through TAU, simultaneously creating a synergy between the local community and TAU by connecting solutions in tech, entrepreneurship, and environmental Ecosystems to LOCAL issues.


Impact(Full) Events

Curated events that are

F )un and fresh

)niquely engaging

( L )ight an interest in a global social economy

( L )ink the local community to TAU

LocalTAU Talks are distinguished private events hosting intimate talks with rockstar TAU scientists and professors.

LocalTAU Events set a stage during the year for 4 larger-sized -by invitation only- talks with extraordinary alumni, TAU scientists and professors, along with local leadership, creating a space for conversation spotlighting major themes and forming the betterment of the evolution of the city.




We seek to open channels of philanthropy to a younger community that traditionally is isolated because of the dated idea that you have to be a zillionaire to make an impact in the world.


LocalTAU offers the opportunity to establish sustainable commitments for future philanthropists of TAU. Our goal is to duplicate our model in cities around the U.S. and the world.



LocalTAU is run under the auspices of American Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) which is a recognized 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the United States.


A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (1-800-435-7352) within the state of Florida. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state.


Registration #: CH8999

What we do + Credibility


Focused effort for greater impact

LocalTAU is an organization that focuses to grow by city. We are locally focused, globally aware, and institutionally supported.

Currently LocalTAU has its first chapter set in the flourishing city of Miami. 

Miami is thirsty for stimulating events. The city sets the perfect stage for conversations that constructively push the bar being that it was ranked in 2017 by the Kauffman Index as #1 with entrepreneurial activity in the US, and a exponential growth of organizations that are sharply focused on accelerating scale-ups.

See our past and upcoming events.

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